• The body of induction cooker is made from wet polished (scotch brite) stainless steel.

  • Legs of stove are made from tube 50x50 mm of stainless steel.

  • Undershelf and 3 sides closed with stainless steel panels.

  • Induction hotplates with Schott Ceran ® glass-ceramic 300x300 mm , the power of each 3.5kW, 230V, 50Hz.

  • Power of 4 places induction cooker is 14,0 kW, 400V, 50Hz.

  • Solid steel feet of legs is adjustable 30 mm(+15/-15) height.

  • Standard length L= 800 mm, width W= 730 mm, height H= 870-900 mm.